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Dear Saint James’ Episcopal School Families and Friends,
I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and discuss how your support of the Saint James’ Episcopal School Annual Fund will help the children of Saint James’ Episcopal School (SJES) who are a vital part of our community. My name is Jill Hodgson and I am the new chairperson for the Saint James’ Episcopal School Board of Directors. I am also an SJES parent, along with my husband, Wesley, to a rising fourth grader, Shane. After our initial tour of Saint James’, we knew this was the school for our son. We are so grateful and blessed to be a part of the Saint James’ family and to be able to provide our son with such an incredible spiritual and educational foundation. When the opportunity presented itself to become a member of the School Board, I immediately accepted with the desire to continue the great legacy of SJES. One of the many things that fascinated us is how Saint James’ teaches our children at the preschool level and up that we live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. Throughout the year, the students are given multiple occasions to see our community’s needs and to respond to them. Do you know how often the students of SJES connect with our community?

  • Eight joint service projects with the church every school year which serve local groups such as the SPCA, Fauquier Free Dental Clinic, Fauquier Community Action, and others
  • One year-long service project for each fifth grader (there are 10 students this year) which also serve local community groups
  • One annual field trip by preschoolers to visit community helpers in Warrenton
  • One field trip by preschoolers and elementary students to visit local farms
  • One to two field trips by elementary students to local theaters, including Fauquier High School, historical sites like Weston, and the many museums and sites in and around our nation’s capital

Each time one of our students has the opportunity to build a relationship with our neighbors; their foundation of spiritual formation will shine. How do we know this? Each month the teachers and staff educate and model a different virtue such as love, compassion, and generosity. These virtues are used as a thread throughout the classroom and every activity or special event at SJES.  This means each time SJES builds a connection with our community; our children have the chance to demonstrate what they have learned. What community doesn’t need more love, compassion or generosity? We give the students the ability to be heroes in our society. The children of SJES, with this unique educational experience, will flourish with these experiences as the core of who they are.

The talented faculty and staff at Saint James’ provide exceptional experiences in limited spaces, with little resources, equipment and funds.  They ensure that a student’s life includes not only being intellectually engaged and challenged, but also being a part of, and contributor to a positive school and community culture. With their big hearts and without hesitation, they often reach into their own pockets to guarantee this outcome. As an SJES parent, I am consistently impressed with how much the staff provides with so little. Tuition covers approximately 85 percent of the cost of educating our children. While this keeps tuition within reach for many families, it also means the School needs our support with donations to our annual fund.

Each year we benefit from the generosity of supporters of SJES. Your donation to the annual fund helps to solidify that the students of SJES will continue to grow in an environment we all have come to love and desire for our children.  With gifts to the annual fund, we support a school in our community that provides intentional faith and moral development.

Saint James’ Episcopal School has a heart and soul that society is in need of, and these students are the future. Please consider giving to help our children make those loving connections to our community. The enclosed form details how you may donate by mail, in person at the School, or online. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the School or me personally at schoolboard@saintjamesepiscopalschool.org.  


Jill Hodgson
School Board Chairperson and SJES parent


"Learn how to see.  Realize that everything connects to everything else." 
-   Leonardo da Vinci

You can donate by using the Annual Fund Donation Form accompanied by a check; or complete it online and donate securely through Pay Pal using the button below; or call the School Bookkeeper to arrange a donation payment plan through your FACTS account.

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