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March 2017:

We officially received our SUP (Special Use Permit) from the town council on February 14th and then received our COA (Certificate of Appropriateness) from the ARB (Architectural Review Board) on February 23rd.  Now we are refining our site plan and our construction documents to present to the town for final approval and permitting. 

The architect has submitted the design development documents to our contractor for more definitive pricing and the building committee is reviewing those findings and value engineering to make the project as affordable and efficient as possible. 

We are still working toward the goal of breaking ground in early September.

February 2017:

After extensive interviewing, we have hired Whitener & Jackson Inc., as our General Contractor for preconstruction services.  They are already working closely with the Kerns Group (our architectural firm), to maximize cost savings and design efficiencies.  To that end, our project is well into the design development phase with architects, contractors, and engineers working more closely on the fine details.  We continue to be very appreciative of the wisdom of our building committee and their willingness to offer their insight in this entire process.

We achieved two major goals over the past month.  Firstly, thanks to the hard work of our civil engineering firm, Carson Land Consultants, we received the recommendation for approval for our Special Use Permit (SUP) from the Planning Commission and will seek final approval from the Town Council on February 14.  Secondly, at the annual meeting of the Church we received the official support from the congregation to proceed.  Finally, this month we are hopeful we will receive our Certificate of Appropriateness from the Architectural Review Board at the meeting February 23. Following that approval we will seek authorization of our final site plan, construction documents, and permitting for the project with the hope to break ground in September of this year. 

December 2016:

Our Building Committee recently interviewed several construction firms and will announce their decision on a general contracting firm in the next few weeks.

Our architects, Kerns Group Architects, recently presented another round of preliminary plans to the town's Architectural Review Board at the ARB's most recent work session. We continue to be very pleased with and impressed by everyone at Kerns. They are creative, professional, responsive, and genuinely delightful to work with. Kerns will once again take the ARB's feedback into account as they work on the final plans that will be submitted to the town.

We anticipate going in front of the planning commission in January, 2017, and having all necessary permits in place by late Spring. We are so excited about the plans which will make our beautiful church accessible to everyone and provide our elementary students with the space they need to learn and grow.

Keep your eyes posted for more frequent campaign updates! 2017 is going to be an exciting chapter in the life of Saint James' Episcopal Church and School. We intend to keep everyone informed every step of the way. Be on the lookout for upcoming FAQs, highlights, and testimonies about the ways the church and school will benefit from the renovation and expansion plans.