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February 2018:

Here is what happened on the construction site since our last update:

  • Basement walls and footers were poured.
  • Plumbing placement has begun.

In the coming weeks we anticipate:

  • Waterproofing, foundation drains, and plumbing underground will start this week.
  • Foundation walls and basement walls will be back-filled as soon as waterproofing and foundation drain work is complete.
  • Complete foundation work will be finished early next week.
  • Masonry work will start Monday.

January 2018:

Here is what happened on the construction site since our last update:
  • Shoring was completed.
  • Site was excavated to needed depth, and leveled.
  • Concrete footings were placed.
  • Existing school side entrance porch was demolished to prepare for new building connection at that location.
  • Forms for the rear basement wall are being constructed. 

December 2017:

If you look out the back of the church and school you can see that the construction site is established, and the digging and clearing has begun! We are excited to report that the town of Warrenton issued the main building permit on November 22.  A passageway for the students to reach the playground was provided, the contractor has opened his construction entrance and positioned his construction trailer, and the transformer was moved.

While the project has started out slowly, it will pick up steam in the new year.  Early in 2018 the basement should be entirely excavated and ready for concrete! Watch the School or Church Facebook pages for photos of the progress.

Thank you. 
It has been a herculean effort spanning over 5 years to get to this point and we cannot begin to name all of the people who have been part.  Beyond the much needed classrooms and upgrades, this project also stands as a testament to the remarkable people who call  Saint James' home and their inspiring dedication and love  of our church and school.