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CONNECTED Capital Campaign
"Make a Difference to the Future"
One parishioner's story of keeping the church and school connected.
"In Loving Memory of Thomas Morgan Moore"
The life of one man connected many.
"Planned Giving"
An integral part of the capital campaign.
"Kindness is Everything"
Two SJES alumni share what keeps them connected to SJES.
"Connected by Music"
Jesse Ratcliffe, Choir Master and Music Director, connects music with the church-school community.
"Connected by Ministry: Altar and Flower Guilds"
Altar Guild member, Connie Nash, and Flower Guild member, Bonnie Zacherle, connect their ministries to the renovations planned by the capital campaign.


We are all CONNECTED in some way and there is a great story with each connection!

Below are links to our new preschool video called "Preschool Matters" along with our campaign video series, Student Speak, in which we ask SJES students questions related to the CONNECTED Capital Campaign. Watch their charming answers as we make it to Pledge Day, April 2, 2017.

At left are links to interviews of various folks who are CONNECTED to the Church and School in some interesting ways. Read and enjoy!

Preschool Matters

A Giving Story: Chris and Bene

A Giving Story


Student Speak Video Series
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Volume 10 The Grand Finale
Volume 10:
The Grand Finale!
Volume 9
Volume 9:
What Do You Need to Build a Building?

Volume 8

Volume 8:
What Have You Learned from Father Ben?
Volume 7
Volume 7:
What is Your Favorite Thing in Your Classroom?

Volume 6

Volume 6:
How Can You Help a Friend?
Student Speak video volume 5
Volume 5:
What Song Do You Like to Sing in Chapel?

Volume 4 Video
Volume 4:
What Does Accessibility Look Like at the Church and School?

Volume 3 Video
Volume 3:
What Do You Like to Look at in the Church and Chapel?

Volume 2 Video
Volume 2:
How are the Church and School Connected?

Volume 1 Video
Volume 1:
What is Going to Happen on April 2?