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The history of Saint James’ Episcopal School is not just within the walls of our building, but in the hearts of the children who have walked through its corridors.

If our walls could talk, the stories would be filled with the sound of children’s laughter and the delight of discovery. They would remember the stickiness of adhered art projects and the lingering glances of interested parents and parishioners as they studied each child’s accomplishments posted on bulletin boards lining the hallways.

If our walls could talk, they would recall that St. James’ Episcopal Church has consistently supported education for the children of our community by sprouting the roots and serving as a home to other local schools.

If our walls could talk, they would reminisce when Saint James’ Preschool opened its doors in September 1982 with four classes and a staff of five. Their voices would fill with pride as they relayed how over the next quarter of a century, Saint James’ Preschool grew to include more than 11 classes and over 150 students while providing an exemplary early childhood education regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origins. They would tell you that with the addition of a Kindergarten class in 2007, the School changed its name to Saint James’ Episcopal School, believing that the same nurturing techniques that built the solid foundation of the Preschool could be applied to an elementary curriculum.

If our walls could talk, they would share the buzz of excitement that reverberated through the hallways when Saint James’ announced the introduction of a first grade in the fall of 2010. They would share their joy in seeing the radiant confidence of our young students as they thrive within the nurturing shelter those walls provide.

History is in the making here at Saint James’ Episcopal School and we hope that you and your children will be a part of it.


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