Welcome to SJES

A Letter from Our Head of School.

Dear Families and Friends,
Welcome. This one word has great meaning to us here at Saint James' Episcopal School. It is with great pride and pleasure that we welcome our students, their families and guests to the School. For many in our community, Saint James' is the first experience of school and we are honored that families have shared their children with us during these early learning years. As we look to the future and the addition of primary grades, we welcome and invite you to join us as we imagine the opportunities here at Saint James'.

Experience. For over 30 years, our preschool program has provided children a positive experience to start their education journey. Establishing a consistent foundation for a child's educational experience is vital for building an enduring love of learning. Saint James' offers a loving, nurturing experience where each child is encouraged, esteemed and cherished.

Enrich. It is our duty to enrich every child's growth academically, physically, and spiritually. We are called to create and nurture an academic community of faith for all. We promote positive relationships for all children to encourage each child's sense of individual worth. Saint James' fosters the growth of the whole child, mind, body, and spirit.

Excel. We empower our students to excel, not only in the classroom, but also in life. With Christ as our center, we are called to love and respect one another and to build a foundation for a rewarding life of service to God and to others. As Head of School and as a parent, I understand the importance of choosing the right early childhood educational setting. I look forward to speaking with you and sharing all that our family has come to embrace and cherish in Saint James' Episcopal School. This is an exhilarating time to be a part of Saint James' and we hope you will join us in our journey ahead.


Stacey Irvin, Head of School


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