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The Saint James' Music program is a fun, exciting and totally interactive program headed by Allegro Community School of the Arts Executive Director, Cyndi Romero. Mrs. Romero has over 15 years of teaching experience in music. She has designed the SJES music program around the National Standards for Music Education.

Not only can you witness (and hear!) children singing in music class, but you can also find them playing instruments, dancing, listening to varied forms of music, and learning to understand music in history and culture.

By the end of the school year, students will have studied in depth three major works of music, will know how to read, sing, and notate simple melodies and rhythms, will be able to recognize the families and instruments of the orchestra, will meet composers in varying styles of music, and will have honed active listing skills each week. Elementary students will also study the glockenspiel and the recorder during the school year, and will work hard on a full school year project of a musical lapbook as a resource for all of the year's content.

Teacher Biography
It is truly my honor to be the music instructor for Saint James Episcopal School again this year! To let you know a little more about myself, I am a wife and mom of three wonderful and energetic children (Marcus, Ben, and Ella.) My husband Marc and I began teaching a children's choir together when we were both teenagers, and dear friends. We continued to teach that choir for years to come, and over the years as we began dating, and eventually got married, that children's choir (with completely different members than when we first started directing it!) held a very special place in our hearts, and even sang in our wedding!

Later in life I put myself through school by teaching piano lessons from home, and obtained my degree in Music Education from Shenandoah Conservatory of Music. It was at Shenandoah that I learned the enormous impact of the right kind of musical influence in the first 7 years of life on the future musical aptitude of a child. This solidified the calling I feel toward honoring this precious time in a child's musical journey.

In 2004, Marc and I founded the Allegro Community School of the Arts, a non-profit community arts organization, which I have directed since 2004. We have experienced tremendous growth since we opened, and recently we were able to welcome a new Director to our team, allowing me to bring a much-needed calm to my life and re-focus on my loves: my family and teaching music. I continue to teach private piano and voice lessons one day per week at Allegro, offer guidance, and serve on the Board of Directors. I welcome each of you to come for a visit!

My goal is to allow every one of my students to see that even adults can have a love and passion for music! We cover very real content throughout the year. I look forward to a great school year together!


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