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Saint James' Episcopal School fosters the Episcopal traditions of service, compassion and respect. Our foundation, a love that honors the goodness and unique gifts of every child, supports a comprehensive academic program in a nurturing and challenging environment that encourages creativity and curiosity. In fulfilling these promises, we transform everyday students into life-long learners.

We provide a rich scholastic and spiritual experience from which all students may prosper. Each child's God-given talents are nurtured while maintaining a challenging and well-rounded curriculum incorporating spirituality, intellect, and the arts. Our supportive Saint James' community inspires a love of God in a safe environment that promotes service, both locally and globally. Through an understanding of the spiritual nature of God, we empower our children to meet any challenge; inspire them to seek knowledge and promote fairness; and instill in them the compassion and grace necessary to lead and serve.

We cultivate a traditional academic program through a theme-based curriculum and whole-child approach. Our aim is to appreciate and promote the needs of family and community, while celebrating the diversity that defines us. Honoring the heritage of our past as a means to embrace the challenges of the future constitutes the dynamic balance of our daily routine. We seek to educate children to live with genuine meaning, purpose, and service in the world they are to inherit.


At Saint James’ Episcopal School, religion is embraced as an essential facet of student learning. The day begins with a short chapel service of singing and prayers. Our teachers and staff openly share our faith, demonstrating that God is real and is a part of our lives. We foster a caring atmosphere within the School in which children feel comfortable helping each other and asking for help.

Our teachers and staff permit each child the freedom of choice within a structured situation. Our program and environment allow each child to grow at his or her own individual rate. We encourage and provide opportunities for promoting healthy self-images and instilling a life-long love of learning.

Our teachers strive to supplement the core parental efforts provided in the home to create a partnership of loving and learning. To this end,

The teachers and staff will:

  • integrate faith within the learning experience,
  • provide a variety of instructional techniques to help meet the needs of all students,
  • assist students in developing the skills necessary for becoming responsible citizens of the home, school and community, and
  • welcome and encourage input and cooperation of the parents.

Each student will:

  • join in religious education including daily chapel service,
  • participate in daily classroom activities and special programs, and
  • show respect for teachers, staff and other students.

The parents will:

  • support the philosophy and mission of the School and the efforts of the teachers and staff,
  • abide by the policies put forth in this handbook, and
  • provide support and resources to the extent they are able as a symbol of their belief in the value of education.


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