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Our Prekindergarten classes help prepare young minds for elementary school with emphasis on more structured learning. See our offerings for this year on the application. Teachers and administrators may help in this placement.

The focus of the Prekindergarten program is to help promote an enthusiastic and receptive attitude toward school. By combining a diverse academic program with a healthy, socially-oriented one, teachers strive to create a stimulating, fun-filled day for the children. The Prekindergarten program follows a philosophy of education in which children proceed at their own pace and use a variety of hands-on materials and age-appropriate activities.

The Prekindergarten classroom offers child-centered learning activities allowing children to build a positive attitude toward learning through questioning, observing, and experimenting with varied materials. Teachers help promote the children's construction of knowledge and build foundations for school success in reading, math, science, and the arts. Interaction and collaboration with peers work to promote language development, perspective-taking, and conflict resolution.

In January, a progress report is sent home with the students. This is to assist parents in making the decision of whether or not to send their child on to kindergarten in the fall. Kindergarten Readiness Screening is also available.

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